MoM Centres

Software Used
YOU will bring

you need provided

Tools for constructing projects and building necessary skills
Hall Davidson - 9:45-11:00
The Magic of Chromakey- Mac&PC Put your students (or yourself) into videos--powerful when the videos are curriculum based. Free on Mac, inexpensive on PC. Students identify assets and incorporate them into projects that they visually integrate.
Mac - Photobooth/iMovie
PC - Premiere Elements
Media library material.
Mac and Toshiba laptops, green fabric (cheap!), standard still camera with video function
Projector and sound

Hall Davidson - 11:10 - 12:00
Be There- Anywhere! Google Earth, Media, and Jing. Drop videos made from the desktop into Placemarks anywhere in the world. Build Placemarks before class and drop students all over the world. Place meaningful curriculum clips nearby, making the world tour meaningful. Construction of projects with the benefits of Project-based Learning as well as an (easy) introduction to behind the scenes tools, like understanding code.
Google Earth (free)
Jing Project (free)
Media library material.
Mac and Toshiba laptops
Internet, Projector and Sound

Hall Davidson - 12:45 - 2:45
Faster Better Shorter Deeper: Making Making short video clips to match 21st Century Learning styles. Both student and teachers can build projects by taking a curriculum video, or building a video from a Web 2.0 site, and shorten it, add narration or music, or add video, with a few mouse clicks: create short clips (>two minutes) to engage and deliver content.
QuickTime Pro - Mac, PC ($29) MovieMaker and iMovie (both free) time allowing.
Mac and Toshiba laptops
Projector and sound

Adobe Youth Voices - Giving Voice with Media
Mali Bickley & Jim Carleton
Adobe Youth Voices
Creating multi media with purpose. Participants will have the opportunity to work through self-paced video tutorials on using either Photoshop or Premiere Elements to create meaningful media.
Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements
projector, headsets
demo versions of Photoshop and Premiere elements on sticks
video camera
smart board

Not Found in the Textbook
Jennifer Connelly & - Leann LaFramboise
Participants will have the opportunity to work through the creative process. You can choose from:
-creating your own Rant, like Rick Mercer
-recording a historical radio broadcast
-adding your Best Story Ever, like the Hour
If participants stay with us the full day they can create a diverse website to hold their creations.
We will have examples and walk participants through the process and the rest is up to them and their imagination.We expect by the end of the day for participants to leave with a DVD of the work they created. Distinguished Educator
iLife (iWeb, iMovie, Garageband)
12 MacBooks, video camera, working on headsets
Projector and screen, Internet and Sound

Digital Storytelling
Kent Manning
I'd like to give the folks a choice as
to the narrative they write
. Some
might attend with nothing, others might have
an idea for a story and perhaps artifacts. There
are two other "digital storytelling" full day sessions on Wednesday so there might be some
competition. Hope they pick us!
Movie Maker for folks with PCs Audacity for PC

iMovie for folks with Macs Audacity for Mac

I should say in my intro that the session is not platform dependent. Mac or PC, come on down!
I'll bring along 10 to 15

I'll bring a projector and laptop
with me but will need a portable
screen to project on.

I"ll be bringing along some laptops with headsets just in case some folks would like a "self directed" tour.
It would be nice to have a number
of "dividers". (3 perhaps)
I'm thinking that when
folks begin recording their narrative,
the background sound in a large
room could be problematic.
-Kent, we may have some access to other places in the hotel that would be good for finding a quiet place too...Brenda can look into this
- Peter and Brenda, thank you. Good idea. I wouldn't want to be overlooked as a possible destination in the big scheme of things if I'm not in the large room with the others. If we do get another room, then we'll have to make sure folks know where it is...
Sorry Kent...I wasn't very clear. I was thinking of a 'quiet spot' that folks could go temporarily with their laptop to record, and then come right back to you. We don't want you in another room!

Digital Storytelling with Inspiration & Promethean Interactive Whiteboards
Kendra Grant and Anne Tyas
Inspiration for story creation

Transform & MicroWorlds JR
Michael Quinn
MicroWorlds JR enables pre-readers to create digital stories.
With Transform, non-programmers can create and share interactive content
MicroWorlds Junior & Transform
Laptops, headset, speakers,
USB drives
Internet access would be great

Comic Life and the Curriculum
Barbara McLaughlin
(Comic Life, Might show Bitstrips as a add-on)
Projector and screen

Blogs, Podcasting and Music
Jane Smith
Nathan Toft
Blog, Podcasts and Music Creation in the Junior Classroom.

We're doing this with PCs. Not a political statement, just a reality of our working environment! :)

Sony's Acid Xpress
- 2 laptops
- around 10 headphones
- 3 headsets
- variety of microphones
- computer speakers
- 6 or so USB drives for quick data transfer
Projector and screen
dividers to reduce background noise, maybe some sort of booth set up to record? Maybe we can share/set up something with Kent?
As above with Kent's session, Brenda will get thinking of some good spots for this.

Roger Wagner, Maureen Gross, Rod Rychliski, Sherwood Thompson
Mac & PC laptop, (3) ProScope Digital Microscopes, Lumens DC265 video workstation, RJ Cooper adaptive switch device. Wacom tablet, USB microphone.
Internet access. :)

Support (pedagogistas)

Andrew Forgrave
Brenda Sherry
Bruce Summers
Cresencia Fong
Doug Peterson
Mike Anderson