Tools for constructing projects and building necessary skills

Hall Davidson - Discovery Network

Hall is dividing his time at the centres into the following time slots. So decide what you want to learn and then drop in to this centre at the times that suit you!

The Magic of Chromakey- Mac&PC Put your students (or yourself) into videos--powerful when the videos are curriculum based. Free on Mac, inexpensive on PC. Students identify assets and incorporate them into projects that they visually integrate.
Mac - Photobooth/iMovie
PC - Premiere Elements
Media library material.

11:10 - 12:00
Be There- Anywhere! Google Earth, Media, and Jing. Drop videos made from the desktop into Placemarks anywhere in the world. Build Placemarks before class and drop students all over the world. Place meaningful curriculum clips nearby, making the world tour meaningful. Construction of projects with the benefits of Project-based Learning as well as an (easy) introduction to behind the scenes tools, like understanding code.
Google Earth (free)
Jing Project (free)
Media library material.

12:45 - 2:45
Faster Better Shorter Deeper: Making Making short video clips to match 21st Century Learning styles. Both student and teachers can build projects by taking a curriculum video, or building a video from a Web 2.0 site, and shorten it, add narration or music, or add video, with a few mouse clicks: create short clips (>two minutes) to engage and deliver content.
QuickTime Pro - Mac, PC ($29)
MovieMaker and iMovie (both free) time allowing.