Jennifer Connelly & Leann LaFramboise

Welcome to our Centre about creating multi-media projects teaching with the curriculum instead of teaching with a textbook.

Come join our centre throughout the day. We will be creating our very own exemplars that you can use with your students. Through hands-on exploration you understand how to complete these projects with your students. Don't have your own MacBook? Don't worry as we will have 12 MacBooks that you can use. New to Macs? Don't worry! That's what the day is all about, learning something new.

We will give you the opportunity to work through the creative process. Stay and do one or stay and do them all!

Rant just like Rick Mercer
Have you ever just had a burning issue you needed to talk about? Having students create their own rant can be a creative way to link history, language arts, drama, and depending on the topic -other curriculum to this production. We will show an example from Rick Mercer and from one of our own students. Then it is your turn to create your own.

A Voice from the Past
Recording a historical radio broadcast
History taught from a textbook can be overwhelming and just plain boring. Make it exciting by stepping into the past as a historical figure giving a speech or talking to the people being interviewed. We will share a student radio broadcast and then it is your turn.

Best Tale Ever, like the Hour
Everyone has a story to tell and here's your opportunity. This can be linked to almost any subject. What about a famous artist talking about their work? Or participants might want to tell a story of using technology in their classroom. You will video tape it and edit it so in the end you have a digital copy of the Best Tale Ever.

If participants stay with us the full day they can create a diverse website to hold their creations.
We will have examples and walk participants through the process and the rest is up to them and their imagination.
We expect by the end of the day for participants to leave with a DVD of the work they created.

We will take all the work created (if permission is given) and post it on a website that we will share so everyone will have the opportunity to see what was created. Link posted soon here.

What do you need:
First your imagination
Have a MacBook? Bring it, otherwise we will have one for you.
Headphones and Mics are nice (we will have a few to use)