MicroWorlds JR & Transform

We'll play with 2 different pieces of software.

For teachers of pre-reading students, come fiddle with MicroWorlds JR . Young students use icons to make multimedia stories with sound and music, clipart and animation. An onscreen keyboard helps them add text to their story. Stories can be published locally or to the web.

The second software program, just completed, is Transform . We want to democratize the production of educational content by empowering non-programmers to create and share interactive content. Drop by our centre and make something...write your own Living Book, make an interactive tour of the regions of Ontario, design a math challenge or a simple video game. Completed activities can be posted to the Global Thinkers web site for the benefit of other educators. If you don't have enough time next week to create an original work, download an existing activity and personalize it for your needs. We want to build a community of educators making and sharing dynamic content.

Watch a video here.